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Jabłonowo Brewery has been established in 1992 thanks to the efforts of Leon and Hubert Buksowicz and their longstanding friend Włodzimierz Parol.


In order to respond to the new challenges and face the new competition conditions of the transformation period, in the times of turbulent social and economic change, the three partners decided to invest all their means in the brewing business. Their decision was based and supported by numerous analysis, observation and prognosis on market development. The plan was brave, but risky as well, because at that time the partners had neither technological knowledge nor brewing experience. However, thanks to the determination, training, as well as goodwill of many people met on the way, the company survived the most difficult period of the first two years of functioning. An important factor that kept motivating the founders of the Brewery was the fact of family brewing traditions – their ancestors, Roch and Jakub Zawadzki, were famous 19th century brewery owners at Warsaw Powiśle! It would be a shame to waste such a tradition!


Initially, the foundersplan was to create a small, regional company, concentrated solely on the local market. Quickly it turned out that in order to achieve a higher quality of the products it is crucial to invest in effective and modern machinery. And in order to generate the essential means for investment it is necessary to substantially increase production…

Already in the first year of functioning the initial plans were verified and every year the production had been constantly increased. At the same time the machinery park was modernized and further developed. In ten yearstime the production grew more than twenty-fold!


Today, Jabłonowo Brewery is a modern facility with a five-kettle brewhouse, where 24 hours a day wort is being boiled. Later on it undergoes fermentation in one of the 15 huge cylindroconical fermentors and finally ready beer is being conditioned in one of the 24 conditioning tanks, where it gains smoother flavor and aroma. Conditioned beer, immediately after the filtering process, is ready for packaging – in bottles, kegs, aluminum cans or PET bottles of two sizes.


As a result of the packaging process, ready, automatically formed pallets are being transported to the ready-products warehouse. Our staff at the sales and logistics departments makes sure that from there our beer reaches the customers.


Today, thanks to patronage wholesale and contract selling with a number of wholesale companies, Jabłonowo beer reaches most stores in the Masovian Voivodship. Our collaboration with store chains, as well as with supermarkets ensures that our products are available everywhere in Poland.