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Jabłonowo Brewery, as one of the few remaining originally Polish, independent, private and, what is more, family-owned breweries in Poland, owes its undoubted market success to a number of factors: readiness to adapt to current market needs, ability to forecast these needs, detailed analysis of world market trends and, most of all, courage to implement new – even innovatory – technical, technological and marketing solutions.


At the beginning of 1990′ s, as one of the first breweries, we have decided to break the stereotype of drinking the typical in Poland pilsener type beer and interest our consumer with more refined stronger beers. Consumers quickly approved of the new taste and different producers followed in our footsteps. Today every brewery in Poland offers strong beer!


In 1997 we have created a unique dark beer recipe, based on Irish Belfast beer, thus breaking the stereotype of associating beer solely with a light drink. It was a great market success and by gaining ground in market share, our “Belfast” brand set the new fashion trend of drinking beer different than other. Today, almost every ambitious producer tries to create an interesting, niche beer, searching for inspiration in different parts of the globe!


In mid 1990′ s we have foreseen the upcoming fashion for beer in aluminum cans and immediately, as one of the first breweries, we have installed a modern can packaging line. In our brewery we have canned beer for Kujawiak Browary Bydgoskie brewery, Perła Lubelska brewery and Browary Warszawskie Królewskie brewery, which, at that time, did not have their own can packaging lines. Today, every respected brewery in Poland has its own canning line and this form of package proportionally constitutes a share of a couple dozen percent in overall beer sales!

In 2002, as the first brewery in Poland, we have installed a plastic bottle packaging line, which was a real shock for the market. The idea was enthusiastically greeted by consumers and today we are the leader in plastic bottle beer production. In our offer you will find four basic kinds of beer in plastic bottles of two different sizes!


In 2004, responding to the tendency of shortening the sales process, we have established our patronage distribution company. Thanks to the work of more than a dozen merchandisers and a couple dozen sellers we are able to reach most stores in the Warsaw Macroregion, delivering not only our products, but also products complementary to beer and wine.


Our promotion and marketing department actively takes part in social life, sponsoring a couple dozen events every year – not only theatre opening nights, but also local festivals, not to mention prestigious events at the Presidents Palace.


The whole Jabłonowo Brewery team, comprising of young, ambitious and open-minded people, works on satisfying the constantly increasing expectations of consumers. It not only maintains the highest possible quality of the products, but most of all it keeps on elaborating and implementing new technologies – both in the production process and the organization structure.


Our consumers fully appreciate the wonderful taste of our beers. The production process meets the highest technological norms and we only use the highest quality products. But what really distinguishes our beers is a unique combination of strength, aroma and flavor. We have achieved this through a traditional brewing technology, based on a recipe from our ancestorspre-war Warsaw brewery.

We are also trying to meet the constantly increasing expectations of the market, which is no longer satisfied merely with the traditional taste of beer. This is why recently we have created a group of products addressed to those consumers who are searching for something new, unique and extraordinary – for people who are open to new experiences and are not afraid of challenges.

Sales & Distribution

Our beer is available all over Poland, through the net of our Wholesale Distributors as well as through nets of shops, super and hypermarkets. To get in touch with Your local Distributor, please contact our Sales Department.