Belfast is a Browar Jablonowo brand that has been on the market for over a dozen years and is still well loved by our customers. Many versions of Belfast were launched over the years, differing mainly in their alcohol content. Additional cold hops added at the maturing stage increase the bitterness of the beer. The current version of Belfast highlights the combination of old and new – our legendary recipe combined with a modern, elegant graphic that emphasizes the dark colour of the beer.

Belfast is a classic, recognised with many awards: Silver medal in the dark beers category (Jesienne Spotkanie Browarników, 2004), second place in the open category (XII Jesienne Spotkanie Browarników), third place in the strong dark beer category (Konsumencki Konkurs Piw Chmielaki Krasnostawskie, 2012).

Recommended to drink alongside steaks or chocolate desserts.

Serving temperature: 10°C, IBU: 26

Ingredients: water, barley malt, barley flakes, hops

Additional information

Brewing method

bottom fermentation, filtered



Beer type

irish stout

Alcohol content





500 ml bottle, 500 ml can